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Next Chapter Cover: Wallis and Purple by Loverofpiggies
Next Chapter Cover: Wallis and Purple
Next chapter cover! I haven't even started drawing the chapter though (this current chapter is already drawn out, it just needs to be colored) but I already know what its gonna be abooouttttt! Enjoy.

This is from my webcomic Gloomverse, read it here!
Chapter Two

When I told myself it took about ten minutes of pacing... the reality is it was more like an hour. I'd snap frustrated at myself, and go through the list of all the things this new girl might be, and all the things she might do. I snapped at Belts in the comfort of my home as well, wondering why she just wouldn't get up and leave. “I said I'd sick my sisters on her!” I yelled to myself. My heart raced and I dreaded going back out there. Luna came up to check on me, and made me stop pacing altogether. Now I knew, I should just go outside and talk to her.
Opening the door, I stepped out hesitantly as I moved to the river. Belts, by this point, had fallen asleep, sprawled over the box like a rag doll, as I waded across the blue water, fish darting from my path as I did. I chose not to say anything as I stared for a moment at her. I hadn't noticed before... underneath her dark black mop of hair, she was very thin. Thin in a way that suggested she might have started to starve. I swallowed, before taking one more step, keeping my distance. “Hey.” Belts didn't move as dread washed back over me. 'Oh no. Is... is she dead?' “Hey!” I called out, as Belts stirred slightly, but never once opened her eyes. I watched with a frown. 'Not dead... but...' Belts skin hung loosely over her small bones, and it was an eerie sight. Nothing on her person suggested that she hunted food.
Darting back inside the house, my wolves watched carefully. I searched through my few shelves, and grabbed an old handmade bowl made from sturdy vines. Inside the bowl was yesterdays harvest from the woods-- blackberries and blueberries, primarily. I had hoped to keep them for myself today and not need to hunt for fish at all-- which tended to make Silver impatient and whiny-- so I could relax and take the day off of working. Moving back out with the bowl, I hopped across the river and slowly set the bowl down next to her, before pulling back again. Belts didn't wake up. “Hey. Hey!” I called again. “Wake up! Next to you- that's food- eat it!” Belts laid there as I frowned. “...dang it...” If she didn't wake up and eat... darting over I gave her a good slap across the face, as Belts jumped up and woke with a start. “Wahh!” She yelled out as I darted across the river, my heart racing. “FOOD! There's food next to you just eat it and MOVE ON!” I yelled as I shut the door behind me. From behind the blinds however, I watched as Belts slowly looked to the bowl. She picked up a berry gently as she ate it, rubbing her cheek with her other hand.

The sun moved lazily across the sky, as I kept eying the strange girl with her box. She ate the food slowly, as I cursed myself for feeding her at all. But despite not wanting her around... I couldn't let her die there, could I? No, I could never allow that. But just her presence made me nervous, my hands went clammy and I paced until I passed out for a nap. When I woke, and the sun was low on the horizon, I checked and saw that yes, she was still out there, watching the sun set for herself. Frowning, I looked to Luna as she glanced up to me from the bed. “Luna,” I spoke, “I have no reason to be hiding in my own home from a stranger. She comes from where ever, and this is MY- no, this is OUR land Luna. And why should I hide from someone who doesn't even live here? And its not like she can DO anything, she's just sitting there, quiet and weird.” Luna just cocked her head to the side as I sighed. “...okay. Fine. I'm going out.”

Moving back out, I moved across the brook as Belts watched the water, not looking up at me. “Hey. Belts.” I spoke, still disliking the name she picked- “I see you ate all the food.”

“Yes. Thank you.” Belts spoke quietly as I frowned, my heart racing. 'No, this is YOUR land, own up to it! Show confidence! Don't run away!' “Why are you still here then, Belts? I told you my sisters would eat you up, right? They almost did that to you this morning.”

“Yes, you did say that.” Belts spoke glancing up to her. “But I'm tired, the water here is clean... and it won't matter if they eat me anyway.”


“Because... I'm probably going to die in the next few days anyway. A week tops. And I'm so tired of  running. I just want to rest before it all ends.” She spoke, as she pet her box covered in its strange belts.

This threw me off. “Die? What do you mean, die?”

Belts was silent, as if she tried to find out how to put it. “...I won't be the only one. You're going to die, too. Everyone's going to die.” She spoke distantly. “I guess it doesn't matter what your name is anymore. Nothing matters.”

A lump rose in my throat. Everyone...? “What do you mean everyone?? No. You're crazy. Besides, if nothing mattered, even you... then why would you eat the berries I gave you? Why would you keep fighting on if you felt like it didn't matter?”

Belts sat there as she laid her head on the box, before glancing up to me with a look I hadn't seen before. “Because I guess I'm stubborn.” She smiled sadly as my heart skipped a beat. This girl... Belts. What was her story? Why does she seem to think the world will end...? Glancing to the sun, the last shred of sunlight fell below the horizon.

“ name.” I spoke as I turned to her. “You want to know my name? Because its still important. I'm still important. If not to anyone else, I'm important to me.”

Belts sat back up, watching curiously. “...what is your name then?”

I glanced back to where the sunset was. “If you're not going to give me your real name, then I'm not going to give you my old one. My new name is Wolf.”

She blinked before a smile. “I thought you said your name was important...? And now you made one up too?”

I shook my head before glancing back. “Its not that. My old name doesn't mean anything to me. My old name hurt me. My new name... my new name I gave myself, and its the name that gives me power.” She watched quietly before a nod. “...Wolf... okay Wolf. Thank you for the food.”

My heart raced as anxious thoughts played through my head. 'Did that sound weird to her? Wolf- I bet it sounds dumb, but to me... to me its empowering. Does she think I'm crazy?' “I'm strong like a Wolf. And have a pack that defends each other to the end. My sisters are all loyal to me, and I'm loyal to them.” I blurted out, as if to push aside my anxiety. “And I don't care if it sounds dumb to you, I think its great.”

“I don't think it sounds dumb.”

“Well good, because it isn't.”

The wind blew and the two of us became silent. The moment began to feel too awkward, before I finally stepped back. “ can stay out here if you want, but in the morning you need to leave. Even if you're tired.” I spoke as I turned, moving back to my house. She said nothing in return. As I stepped past Midnight and Silver, they watched with curious eyes as I shut the door behind me. Luna stepped over as I pet her head, and laid on the bed. A million thoughts went through my mind, and none of them good. I sighed and rolled over. Maybe she'd be gone in the morning. But some strange shred of me... hoped she'd still be there.

Chapter Three

The stars were bursting with light, as I gazed up at them. I was floating. At first I thought it was water, but I looked down and realized only more stars surrounded me. And I was at absolute peace. I heard a howl, and turned to my right, watching my three sisters dart and play, hopping between stars as they went. We must have been giants... thousands of lightyears long, as I watched stars around me glow into existence, and explode out of it. Billions of years in the blink of an eye would pass, as I spun myself lazily to watch the universe play its fireworks. I was a part of it... and it was a part of me.
'Wolf?' A familiar voice spoke, as a chill went down my spine. It never occurred to me that sound can't travel in a vacuum. It never occurred to me I couldn't possibly be in space, or that time was passing so quickly around me. Turning, I saw her short black hair, the long ragged navy shirt that fell down to her knees- and her handmade rope sandals. 'Wolf...' she spoke again, the glow of a supernova lighting up her face. All of a sudden, the stars went dark. She was illuminated still, but I could not tell what did it. 'Wolf-' she repeated a third time, as from her mouth, thousands of eyes came out. Their eyes shifted and turned into people, and now instead of stars, hundreds of sets of eyes surrounded me-- watching me. My sisters were gone, and now it was just Belts and her people. The murmurs started, the people whispered and hissed to each other, as the lack of stars started to suffocate me. The people moved closer, floating nearer to me, as my heart raced.
'No-- leave! LEAVE ME ALONE!' I tried to scream, but my body was frozen. The people grew larger, and closer. The murmurs turned into talking, then into screaming. I clung to myself tight, trying to escape them. 'Leave me alone!' I sobbed to myself. The people moved closer, and reached out to me--
And I woke with a start. A small scream or gasp must have left my mouth, because Luna nudged me close. Without understanding why, a small sob left my mouth as I clung to her.

I stormed out the next day to find Belts, and sure enough she hasn't moved. She glanced up and weakly pulled to her feet. “Hello.” She spoke softly- as always. “What you said yesterday.” I spoke curtly, crossing my arms, tired and unnerved from my nightmare. “About everyone dying. Is it true?” She looked back to her box, and grabbed the belts, playing with them slightly. “Yes. Its true. Its six days now, probably. That's my guess.” She turned to me curiously. “Are you okay? You seem upset.” I watched tiredly and turned. “...I was fine. I was perfectly fine before you got here. But now you're here and messing things up.” I spoke coldly as she watched.

“...I'm sorry.” She stared down. “I just can't drag this anymore... and I'm so tired of running.” I looked down. “I said no matter what, whether you're tired or not, you need to go today.”

“Are you alone up here?” She asked curiously, as I looked to her. “I have my sisters. That's all I need.”

“So just the wolves? No people?”

“No people.”

Belts stared at me puzzled, and I could tell she was trying to make sense of me. I glared in return, as I stormed back to the house. She wasn't going to move, I was certain now. Grabbing my spear and a small burlap bag, I headed out into the valley, and moved into the dense forest as my sisters joined in.
I put Belts far out of my mind, as I imagined my scenario. I was queen, and my land has been invaded. My kingdom was underwater-- the sky wasn't made of oxygen, nitrogen and icy water particles, it was made of pure water. The waves above refracted light down onto me in a billion rainbows, as my wolves ran past the trees- no. The seaweed... my wolves darted past the seaweed. As sea creatures who ruled the ocean floor, we could go at any speed we wanted. I darted after them, spear in hand.
Instead of birds, fish swam about the giant towering seaweed, as Midnight was the farthest in front, sniffing and lurking. Her ears twitched as she propped her head up, glancing to the side. “Ah- I see!” I spoke confidently in response. “A traitor- you've found their scent.” I said no more, as my three wolf guardians checked the scent, and darted as well. I held my spear close and followed them. The fish swam and darted, and the ribbons of rainbow light swarmed in front and in back of me. They ran fast, but their queen could keep up.
'I will protect my kingdom personally from traitors who wish to take my crown!' I thought to myself as my feet pulled me through the short underwater bushes and small animal dig outs. An animal struggled in the distance-- as I spotted Silver, Luna and Midnight swarming and biting at it. The deer- no, the traitor, begged its case. 'Please!' It told me, 'Please I'm no traitor, I'm moving to the next town to trade and bargain!' “Ha ha!” I laugh, not believing the villain, “Then why do you have a bag of my gold at your pocket? You think I don't see the royal seal!? Guards! The price of betraying the queen of the sea, is death!” At that point, the wolves descended... and received their meal for the day.
I let them destroy the traitor, as I moved to a bush. I stuffed a few water berries into my mouth-- which tasted a lot like raspberries. Pulling out my bag, I began putting the berries into the sack, moving from bush to bush, gathering a variety. Some fish were hiding in one bush, and flew out into the watery heavens, making me jump back startled. My kingdom is a beautiful one, quiet besides me and my guards. All the citizens are hermits, keeping to themselves and tending to their own lives. Moving through the seaweed as I looked around, building the scenario further. Underneath my castle, there is a deep underwater ravine, and that is where the traitors come from. It is a city hidden in the depths, who don't like my rule. They think I only care for the upper ocean folk, and not the people who live in pure darkness, away from the suns light. 'I have tried though!' I tell myself, 'I have tried to talk to them, but to no avail! They don't like the sun dwellers, and want to take me down, no matter what.' Smiling I nodded to myself, as I heard a rustle in a bush, yanking me back into reality.
Turning towards the bush, I raise my spear slightly. The bush went quiet... before a rabbit jumped out. I threw my spear... and in an instant, I knew I was going to have berries and rabbit for dinner.
By the time I made it back to my home, I had caught three more, and tied the rabbits to my side. With my sisters finding their meal from that deer, I was grateful Silver shouldn't be begging for food tonight, and the three should be full and content. I was content too... busy thinking up the ocean kingdom and its rules, and if I was truly a good queen, or a wicked one. My punishments for theft was clearly harsh... were the traitors right in betraying me? Maybe playing the villain would be fun.
When I returned home from a long day of hunting, gathering, and stomach growling, the sun was low on the horizon, and Belts was gone from under her tree. Now she had moved across the river, her strange box sitting at its bank, as she got her hair wet. She had taken off the navy shirt and sandals, as she sat naked in the water, watching the fish silently. She must have been there a while, because the fish swam around her close and weren't startled by her presence. As I saw her in the distance, my thoughts switched from pleasant fantasies to heart racing unease. Even so, I stopped and watched a while. She was especially thin without her dress, bones poked out everywhere in jagged edges. But she seemed content there... and almost beautiful.
The thought made me jump as I turned away. Beautiful, why would I think that? She's invaded my privacy and won't go away. She won't believe me about the wolves eating her, and I couldn't have the heart to do that anyway. It was just a threat. “Hey!” I heard her call out as I jumped, and turned. She was standing now, as I blushed. “Er- you're naked!” She stared to me, then down. “ We're both girls. Its nothing you haven't seen before- oh no the fish moved away...” She mumbled as she knelt again. “Come on over Wolf!” I frowned and glanced to my own wolves- but Silver and Luna were already off playing together further near the forest, as Midnight laid silent by the tree. The three of them were no longer bothered by Belts presence. “You're the real traitors!” I called out to them, as Midnight's ear just twitched. Sighing, I moved over to Belts.
“You're really starting to frustrate me.” I spoke as I crossed my arms. Even so, I sat down with her. “...I got rabbits.” I pulled them off my side, as the three dead rabbits dangled by their feet. She stared stunned, but I could see a look of hunger in her eyes. “R-rabbits? I've never...” I shook my head and darted to the shack, before returning without my spear, but with a rock knife instead. “Here. I'm going to teach you how to skin a rabbit.” Belts looked at me confused. “...really? I thought you didn't like me being here...” “I don't. But I'm too nice to sick my wolves on you again, and you're too weak to move much anymore.” She smiled and looked down, as she took a rabbit. “...poor rabbit.”
“Listen-” I spoke as I watched her. “First things first- you have to get their fur off. It'll come off in a few pieces, but it'll be easy.” I spoke as I took the stone knife. I held up the leg, as I sliced a ring of fur around its ankle. “Do this to both ankles. Then, you cut a small cut on the backside of each leg. From there, you can start pulling off the fur—” I spoke as I struggled, trying to hold up the rabbit, cut and pull at the same time. She watched before grabbing the ankles, and holding it up for me, the rabbit dangling in her hands. “Does this help?” I watched a moment before nodding. “Actually... I guess. Yeah.” I pulled off more of the fur, and kept going through the steps with her. She nodded listening and patient, before eventually the rabbit was completely furless... and unfortunately for Belts, headless. She frowned and winced at the idea, and asked me during the process, “Do you have to do that?” I nodded to her. “Its just a part of the process. Easiest way to remove the last fur.” I could tell she was uncomfortable with helping remove the pelt, but I bet the desire for some meat kept her going. I made a mental note to myself, 'She's never done this before. She couldn't be a country girl.'.
As the sun was finally setting, the two of us sat around my fire, spinning the second rabbit on a stick, as she was pulling some pieces from the first one. We were quiet for the most part, as the stars began to glow again. I stared up at them, as Belts finally spoke. “So. Wolf. Where do you come from?” “Ah ah ah.” I responded, glancing back to her. “We aren't starting that.” She went quiet, thinking to herself before nodding. “Thank you. For the berries the other day. And the food tonight.” I watched her, before turning away. “...yeah.”
She leaned forward over the fire, staring up to me. “Then if I can't ask you that... can I ask why you're up in this mountain alone?” “Only if I can ask you.” She frowned leaning back, before turning to glance at her box, that now sat next to the stairs on my porch. “...its... sad. I don't want to talk about it.” I sighed as Silver pawed over to me, and I scratched her ear. “None for you Silver. And okay. So we can't talk about who we are, or where we come from, and why we're here.” Belts nodded. “I... guess so.” We were both quiet, I pet Silver, as she rested her hand on the large box. Staring I glanced up. “...and I'm not allowed to ask about that package?” “No.” She spoke as she instinctively grabbed the belts.
I sighed and leaned back. This was already far too exhausting... I tried talking to her. There. I did my duty. I fed her and I talked to her. Maybe now she'd stop looking so sad. Even so... her eyes hung low, with some terrible weight. Belts glanced up, almost instinctively as I darted my eyes to the side. “Thanks. Really. You come across really brash... but this has been nice.” She bit more meat as my heart raced. 'Brash? What else does she think of me?' Swallowing I glared down at the food without responding. I want to leave. I want to sleep. I don't want to talk to her anymore. And worse yet- she's done nothing to me, except sit outside near the river. She hasn't been mean or rude... not like me. The guilt dragged me down, as I stood quickly. Grabbing the third uncooked rabbit, I tossed it to Silver as he ate it gladly.
Belts looked up confused. “Wolf--?” I bit my lip, holding back a tear. “Stop talking to me.” I grabbed the rabbit off the fire and took a bite, stepping to my home. “Just leave me alone!” Belts jumped to her feet confused. “Wait- was it because I said brash? I didn't mean it offensively...” “You heard me! Just stay out here and leave me ALONE!” I snapped as I stormed inside, leaving her confused on the grass near my porch. “Wolf!” Luna stayed outside tonight, as I fell into the bed, clinging to my makeshift pillow from rabbit fur, as I started to sob. I probably looked crazy to her... just like I look to everyone.
I'm just the crazy wolf girl.
Belts Chapters 2 and 3
More of my book, Belts! Better name to come, eventually.

First chapter -…

The belts dragged across the water soaked earth, pulling mud and long severed grass with it. Occasionally, ancient leaves cracked and crumbled underneath, and a large rectangular object was dragged behind it. The belts were made of different materials, some were fancy leathers, black and brown in the most beautiful shades, belts worn by lawyers, or managers, heavily faded by the sun, or heavily warped by the rain. Most of the belts were cheaper, thin fabric-like material, stained brown by the mud it crossed in its many days in the wilderness. Some of the belts had loops, as the belts each attached to each other in spectacular fashion, even through the mud, the dirt and the ash, they were painstakingly attached to each other in a beautiful weave, cocooning the large object that they pulled with them.
The belts stopped their dragging near a running brook, heavy with sludge and dirty water from the recent rain. Water crashed through the rocks, dragging leaves and small plants with it, down and away through the hillside. Despite the recent rain, the sky was sunny and blindingly blue, with a few wisps of clouds occasionally obscuring the suns light. The belts dropped to the ground, as their master yanked off her shoes silently, before pulling eagerly to the water. The belts and the object watched as their master knelt to the slurry, dipping her thin hands deep into it, as she pulled up the muck and sipped on it. It tasted like filth, sand, ash and dirt were hard to separate from the water, so the master drank it all anyway. Despite everything, the water was refreshing, and perhaps, in the masters optimism, there were some vitamins and minerals to take from the unwanted materials. Maybe this sludgy water wasn't all bad. Pulling her feet to the edge of the water, the torrent wasn't close enough to drag her in, as she dipped a few toes into the muddy bank. The slurry was ice cold, as she stepped further in, going up to her ankles, as the coldness took over for a short while.
Soon enough, the master slipped her shoes back on, after drying her feet in the sun for a long while, and stepped back over to her belts and her box.
“I hope you didn't miss me. I just needed a break.”
The belts said nothing. The cocooned box, also said nothing. The master didn't bother waiting for a response anyway, as she stepped to the belts and grabbed them, before dragging them behind her once more, grass cracking and dragging from the weight, mud piling up in front of the belts and object as they were  dragged across the ground. The master stepped to the edge of the hillside as she stopped. Turning around she could witness the clouds go by gently in the sky, the brook, and the deep green hills speckled with tiny flowers. But none of this was what she was paying attention to.
She glanced beyond a hilltop, and watched quietly, as the plume of smoke and ash billowed across the land. The extreme hills protected her from the raining ash, but the rivers didn't go by unaffected. The earth looked like tar, and was blackened, any and all screams from the people who may have lived there must have died off very quickly. Eventually, that plume was going to rise beyond the mountains, and the mountains could not stop it. Eventually it would all be covered in black and ash, and the blinding blue sky would fade, and the sun would never return to her. She was far enough away to have avoided the catastrophe for the moment, but these things were simply inevitable outcomes beyond her control. A few birds chirped nearby as they zipped by her in a frenzy, flying down the hillside into the valley below. The master stared down the hillside once more, ignoring the plume and the tar and the rising cloud, as she stepped down the wet path to explore the new area.

'The valley,' this master thought, 'I've never visited the valley before.'

Chapter one

The sun sleepily rose from the earth, as the sky showed in magnificent layers of purples, blues, and blacks. The stars had already disappeared from the suns rays a while back, though it was just now that the sun reached the peaks of the mountains. As the rays glimmered and glowed, it bathed the mountains, hills and valleys in mornings first light. Birds began chirping and dancing among the cool summer wind, as a few wolves glanced up from a brook crossing a high valley. This valley, among many, was nestled in the mountains, a good ways away from the large town at the base of the stony hills.
A wolf got up and loped slowly to the blue creak, licking up the water, as a few of its sister stayed asleep. There were three wolves in total that lived in the valley above the town, but they were not alone. Behind them, a small shack, maybe fifteen feet wide and ten feet across, sat nestled amongst a couple trees in the green oasis. One of the sister wolves got up, as she padded to the door. Pawing at it, from inside came my muffled moans and groans.

“No- leave me be, I want to sleep in today...!” I groaned.

The wolf whimpered and pawed again.

“Luna, I said no!” I snapped back.

The wolf Luna returned the response with a howl.

My feet hit the ground hard. I slammed each foot down into a stomp, and as I shoved the door with a squeaky snap, the wolf was staring expectantly up to me. Instead of yelling or swatting, I knelt and hugged Luna tightly, Luna responding with a nuzzle. Luna's sisters, Silver and Midnight, got up and darted over, excited to see me awake as well. I laughed and pet them all, before stepping out onto my small aged porch. Glancing to the eastern sunrise, I saw my usual sight. A string of misty mountains hung below my small valley, and below those mountains, a large town still groggy with sleep stood silent. I kept watching the last moments of the red sunrise, before my eyes began to water from the sight. Turning to the rocky western mountains, I observed them for a few moments as well, before Silver nuzzled me expectantly with a whine. It seemed that was all the peace and tranquility I was allowed to start today with.
“Alright, alright, let me get my supplies!” I responded as I darted back inside. “But you all went hunting last night didn't you? And you're STILL hungry?” Silver responded with a whine, but I kept talking anyway. “You know, most wolves don't turn to people for food. Well, that's okay, I'm starving this morning. It'll be a while before the strawberries, so fish it is.” I grabbed a large net, jug, and spear from my supplies, before creaking the door open once more.
A hundred feet from my front porch, the brook bustled and bubbled down the mountainside, into a large pond on the valley down the next hill. Dragging the clay jug from the pile, I filled it in the water, humming to myself before setting the heavy jug aside. Snatching the net up, I stood shoeless, as I waded across the shallow blue waters to cross the brook. I set a corner of the net on the wet ground next to the water, before shoving a large rock onto it to help keep it in place. Wading back over to the other side of the river, I repeated the process with the other corner, stretching the net across the slow stream. The wolves watched patiently, as Midnight yawned. Finally, I snatched my spear up, and moved to the edge of the water to wait patiently for my first kill.
The brook was blue and clear, as the fish swam in groups hiding among the rocks. Occasionally, one fish would swim out, giving me the chance to slam my spear down. I had been doing this for a long time now, but even with my experience this particular fish escaped my stab. It darted downriver, where the net waited, and entangled itself. I stabbed it with the spear then, and pulled it out. Taking the fish off the spear, I tossed it at my sisters, as they struggled amongst themselves to eat it. The fight was primarily for play though because no matter what, I always  made sure Luna, Silver, and Midnight, were well fed by the end of the morning.
My stomach began to growl as my sisters licked their lips and laid content in the deep green grass. Finally getting to catch some for myself, within a few minutes I had four fish in the jug, and pulled it back to the house. The scales were cut off with an old knife, and the fish were grilled on a wood fire near the porch outside. The meat was a bit chewy, but not bad, as Luna sat next to me quietly, the other two laying in the sun. As I pet Luna gently, the world was a beautiful quiet, save for the birds and bugs. Turning my head I watched the town below, people as small as ants moved back and forth amongst themselves. I twisted away from the townspeople, and drank in the sounds and views of the mountains instead.
Through out the morning, I sat on the porch and read a dusty tattered old book, before about noon when the yawning began. Eventually, Luna and Silver accompanied me to the shadows beneath a large oak tree nearby, as we napped there for a good while, as Midnight watched from a distance. When that was done, I decided to read some more, and fish, while the three wolf sisters played amongst themselves.  And as the sun set, Luna, Silver, and Midnight, darted out to hunt once more, as I sat alone on my porch. Without a candle to light the night, and the wood too precious to light without food in mind, I sat in the darkness in silence. The stars burst into light as the blackness of sky took over, and the town glittered like diamonds in the distance. The isolation was never scary... and the wolf sisters were never too far away. Eventually, I moved inside and changed my clothes, pulled my torn blankets over myself on my old broken mattress, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Some days I read more or not at all. Other days I spent the day hunting for berries in the forest, or had such an abundance of food that I was able to sit on the porch and nap. Some days I would play half the day away with my wolves, and some days that was impossible. No matter what, my days always passed in a mostly similar fashion. Sleeping, hunting, reading, playing, and occasionally singing. But one day, I awoke against my will to a completely different noise. Silver whined and growled, Midnight paced the porch, as Luna began an intimidated bark. Pretty quickly though, the three darted off the porch as they barked, growled, and prowled around a nearby creature. Whatever the creature was, it was noisy and yelped, and that made me really wake up.
Throwing the rags off myself, I stumbled towards the door, and in my sleepy haze I first thought perhaps a bear had come into the valley. The yelp couldn't have come from a bear, but I was too sleepy to realize that at the time, and I pulled the door open in dread and moved out. The wolves had ended up across the river, as her three wolves paced around a strange, hunched creature. Darting after them, I jumped across the river avoiding the water altogether, suspecting it may had actually been some deer, unfortunate enough to be in the area. But very quickly, I woke up and realized that wasn't the case.
What I was actually looking at, was another person. A thin girl with short ragged black hair was bent over in front of her, huddling over an object. She wore a long navy shirt like a dress, and simple sandal shoes made from rope and rubber. “No no no-” She mumbled to herself, clinging tightly to... what looked like a box wrapped in belts, as she wouldn't dare look at my sister wolves. My heart started to race as I stood there frozen, watching her. What was this girl doing all the way out here? No one came out here... Swallowing, I whistled a short whistle, as the three sisters pulled back and moved to my side.
The box girl with the short black hair, after a few moments, slowly began to look back up and at her surroundings, before noticing me and my pack. She stared with solemn eyes. “...who are you?”

I stepped back cautiously, my heart still racing. “Who am I? That's a ridiculous question. Who are you? Why are you here?” I snapped as I pet Luna suspiciously. The black haired girl looked back to the box a moment. “...its Belts. My name... that is. My name is Belts.”

“Belts?” Immediately I could tell she was messing with me. She had to be, she must have thought this was funny. I chewed my lip, immediately frustrated. “You made that up, right now. You looked at your- your strange box, and just named off the first word to your head!”

“I like the name though... Belts is kind of neat.” She spoke quietly as she stared. “...whats your name?”

“I'm not going to tell you.”

“Oh... should I just make up a name for you, too?”

That stunned me. “I- what? No. No don't do that! You shouldn't be here... Belts. I don't know why you're up in the mountains so far alone, dragging that... what is that?”

Belts moved in front of the box, obscuring view, as she stared down timidly and away. “Its nothing.”

It was quiet a moment, and the awkwardness got to be too much. “...well go back to the village! You're not welcome here, I'll sick my sisters on you.” I threatened, trying to look intimidating. It didn't work, as Belts glanced over unalarmed. “Sisters? The wolves?”

“Yes, the wolves! I'll sick them on you and they'll eat you. So leave, go away!” I snapped as I tried to zip across the river, before Belts responded. “I don't come from the village. The... the one at the foot of the mountain. I've never seen it before.” I turned to that, curious, but more suspicious then ever. “Then where did you come from Belts...?”

Belts stared down quietly, as I swallowed. 'Get away, you need to get away. This girl isn't to be trusted.' “...never mind, just go away. Go away!” I snapped before finally darting across the river. “If you don't leave I'll talk to the wolves of the forest and I'll have them eat you!” I threatened again, running across the river and darting into the home, Luna following me inside as Midnight and Silver guarded the front door.
Inside, I paced back and forth, riddled with unrest. This new girl had brought all sorts of uncomfortableness, and all I knew was that I wanted her gone. I didn't like her one bit. 'She'll leave soon,' I thought to myself, 'She'll drag her box and go away. Where ever she came from, she'll leave and go back. I'm sure of it. She's definitely not welcome here! How did she end up all the way out here? Walking, too. With that box large behind her....'
The box WAS large, too, about three feet long at least. Although belts wrapped around every corner of the box to probably make it easier to pull, underneath hints of the real look of the box made itself known. It looked like it might be an old box-- if it was a box, it could have been a storage chest, but I couldn't really be sure. Why on earth would someone drag something so heavy looking through miles of wilderness alone?

I stopped my pacing as Luna glanced up at me from her spot on the bed. Pulling the dusty broken blinds open slightly, I checked to see if the girl obeyed my threats. Instead, I saw that the girl had moved about four feet, into the shade of a large oak tree near the brook. I chewed my lip once more. 'She should have listened... why is she sitting?' I looked away from the window, and pulled to the bed unwillingly. Kneeling under it I dragged out a white t-shirt and a pair of ancient tan shorts.  I intended to go speak with this Belts girl... but it took about ten minutes of pacing, self reassuring, and checking the window, to be sure Belts wasn't planning on moving on her own.
Belts Chapter 1
Okay, I'm working on this book to see if I can get it published. Couple things: One, the intro may be changed up significantly, I was playing around with imagery and I'm not sure if I like how I worded some things. Even so- there it is. I will also more then likely change the name of the book as well. Its just what I came up with on the spot.

Also, I started writing this book with four concepts. Three, were just random words that came to my head, the words were 'belts' 'box' and 'apocalypse'. I wanted to see if I could write a story through that. I also thought about writing a book with only two speaking characters, and only two humans. Anything else in the story has to be an animal, or an inanimate object. And: I decided to turn it into a love story, between a socially awkward wolf girl, and a strange quiet girl with a box.

Helpful critique would be very much appreciated!


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